Shivering Stray Cat Shows Up At The Fire Station And Asking For Help.

The firefighters in central Canada at Steinbach Fire Department weren’t expecting to get a surprise,but fate seems to have a strange way of bringing great things in the hands of great people.Last month,they saw a cat staring longingly through the station window as it stayed shivering outside in the cold.The officers bringing her into the fire station and showering her with care.She got some much-needed immunizations and was spayed.

Shivering Stray Cat Shows Up At The Fire Station And Asking For Help

She also had a return trip back to the veterinarian to take care of case of ear mites.
Given that the cat was so loving, the firefighters first thought that she was a lost pet.This belief had them posting missing pets articles on various social media.But when no one claimed her even after a considerable amount of time, the fire rescuers decided to become animal rescuers,taking it upon themselves to forever take care of her and even name her-Ember.

Shivering Stray Cat Shows Up At The Fire Station And Asking For Help

Local social media users also fell in love with the kitten,who showed up regularly in the station’s Facebook “Ember alerts.”
Ember was adored in the fire department, it was impossible to give all enough attention throughout the the meantime, she was staying in Toews’ garage,which had a heater.But the fire chief knew that she couldn’t stay there forever.Could you have asked for a happier ending? Ember has now found a loving,warm,happy family forever home.She already looks like she’s settled in just fine – and we couldn’t be happier for her!

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